Olympus – New microscopes enable large industrial sample inspection quick and easy

15-08-2017 | Olympus | Test & Measurement

Large samples, such as semiconductors, PCBs and FPDs, can be difficult to inspect, but the new Olympus MX63 and MX63L microscopes offer users the features, flexibility and ease of use to inspect large industrial samples quickly and easily. Designed for precision inspections on electronic equipment, users can choose either the MX63 microscope for wafers up to 200mm or the MX63L for wafers up to 300mm. The microscopes’ modular design enables inspectors to choose the components that they need for their application. Both microscopes are designed for cleanrooms and comply with SEMI S2/S8, CE and UL. All motorized components are housed in a shielded structure and the frame, tubes, breath shield and other parts are subjected to antistatic processing. The ergonomic microscopes offer simple-to-operate controls for fast setting adjustments. The controls for changing the objective and adjusting the aperture stop are positioned low and in the front of the microscope, so users can keep looking through the eyepieces with their hands on the focusing knob while they are working. The motorized nosepiece rotates quickly, decreasing time between inspections while also keeping the operator’s hands below the wafer, reducing the potential for contamination. With powerful observation features and simple operation, the microscopes help make inspecting large samples fast and efficient.

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