Latest IP cores enable more flexible video bridging capabilities

31-08-2017 | Lattice | Semiconductors

Lattice Semiconductor offers seven new modular IP cores for its award-winning CrossLink FPGA product with increased design flexibility to support consumer, industrial and automotive applications. These modular IP cores offer the building blocks for customers to create their own unique video bridging solutions. “Our customers are asking for FPGAs with MIPI D-PHY capability to solve increasingly difficult video interface problems. Too often, they reach barriers with solutions that miss the mark on power efficiency, size and performance,” said Tom Watzka, product marketing manager at Lattice Semiconductor. “For more than a year, Lattice’s CrossLink devices and its portfolio of IP cores have delivered the tools needed to overcome these challenges. These new IP cores add to an already robust suite of tools to support quickly evolving intelligence at the edge applications.”

By Electropages Admin