New family of two-wire Hall-effect switch ICs with advanced diagnostics

10-07-2017 | Allegro | Semiconductors

Allegro MicroSystems has released a new family of two-wire vertical Hall-effect switch ICs with advanced diagnostics. The company’s A1130, A1131 and A1132 have been developed in accordance with ISO 26262. These devices have integrated continuous diagnostic features and a safe output state that supports a functional safety level of ASIL-B. These devices feature a two-wire current output interface that facilitates open/short diagnosis along with signal path verification from input to output. These sensor ICs are ideal for safety-critical automotive applications, and can assist a system in meeting the most stringent safety requirements. This family of devices are especially suited for systems requiring high levels of functional safety such as active and passive occupant restraint systems; electronic power steering systems; advanced driver assistance systems; electronic braking; transmission and clutch systems. The high level of integrated diagnostic capability can help to simplify the safety systems design resulting in lower parts count and lower overall assembly costs.

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