Detect power variations with this highly integrated polyphase AFE for power quality monitoring

01-06-2017 | Mouser Electronics | Power

Mouser is now stocking the ADE9000 AFE from Analog Devices. The device is a highly integrated polyphase AFE with power quality analysis designed to help extend the health and life of industrial equipment while saving developers significant time and cost over custom solutions.

The AFE is an off-the-shelf solution with embedded power quality algorithms and integrated with high-performance ADCs in a single device. This integration simplifies additional complex algorithm programming, reduces cost and component count, and increases speed to market while still achieving high accuracy and enabling EN61000-4-30 Class S for power quality.

The AFE simplifies the implementation of energy and power quality monitoring systems by providing tight integration of acquisition and calculation engines. Superior analog performance and a DSP core enable accurate energy monitoring over a wide dynamic range. An integrated high end reference ensures low drift over temperature with a combined drift of less than ±25ppm/C maximum for the entire channel.

The AFE enables designers of power quality monitoring solutions to measure and analyze disturbances and variations in the power supply in order to prevent these disruptions and long-term damage, primarily for three-phase power meters. The integrated ADCs and DSP engine calculate various parameters and provide data through user accessible registers or indicate events through interrupt pins.

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