Operating system for rugged display computer reduces deployment cost and time for safety certifiable systems

01-06-2017 | Abaco Systems | Subs & Systems

Abaco Systems has announced that the DO-178 safety certifiable operating system Deos from DDC-I is now available for their DO-254 certifiable mission ready FORCE 2 rugged display computer, as well as the SBC314 single board computer. Deos is certifiable to DO-178 Design Assurance Level A (DAL A).

“Safety certification is a significant challenge for many of our customers, and Abaco continues to take the lead in helping them,” said Mrinal Iyengar, vice president, Product Management at Abaco Systems. “The combination of Abaco’s FORCE 2 with DDC-I’s Deos means that customers can now accelerate their development and certification. We expect it to be very attractive to customers seeking to get their solutions to deployment faster, with less risk and at lower cost.”

“Deos provides the fastest, lowest risk, and most cost-effective path to DO-178 Level A certification for safety critical avionics systems,” said Greg Rose, vice president of Marketing and Product Management at DDC-I. “The FORCE2 COTS computer provides an ideal platform for rapidly developing, certifying, and deploying ruggedized avionics applications requiring the highest level of safety criticality. We are delighted to have worked with Abaco to make Deos available for the FORCE2.”

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