New carrier cards bring significant I/O flexibility at reduced cost

25-05-2017 | Abaco Systems | Subs & Systems

Abaco Systems has introduced the innovative MMS8010 Micro Mezzanine System (MMS) rugged 3U VPX carrier card and MMS6245 XMC carrier card. They are designed to enable customers to achieve ultimate flexibility in configuring the broad range of mixed signal I/O typically required by today’s advanced embedded systems while minimizing chassis slot occupancy, and thus minimizing the size, weight and power (SWaP) of the deployed system.

Both new products, which significantly strengthen the company’s mission ready systems capability, can also eliminate the need to develop custom I/O solutions, reducing cost, risk and time to deployment.

The company’s patented MMS system can deliver a broad range of serial protocols, digital I/O, audio and analog interfaces via an extensive choice of ECMs. Up to six ECMs can be mounted on the MMS8010 3U VPX carrier, while the MMS6245 XMC can host up to four ECMs. ECMs can also be mounted on PMCs, such as the MMS5918, giving significant flexibility in configuring the optimum solution for almost any system.

“The MMS8010 and MMS6245 deliver all the benefits of a custom-developed solution in terms of providing an exact match for the application’s requirements – and all the cost, time and availability benefits of a COTS solution,” said Mrinal Iyengar, vice president, Product Management at Abaco Systems. “No other vendor can provide this degree of ‘building block’ flexibility in rugged I/O.”

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