Automotive SMD power inductors for powertrain components, focusing on traceability

04-04-2017 | Taiyo Yuden | Automotive & Transport

TAIYO YUDEN has developed an automotive SMD power inductors with an operating temperature of up to 150C. The company has announced the AEC-Q200-compliant SMD power inductor EST1060 with a footprint of 10.1mm x 10mm x 6mm. This product is a power inductor for choke coils and filters in DC-DC converters, which are power supply circuits used in automotive powertrain components such as engines and transmissions. By making full use of our material technology, we have extended the upper limit of the operating temperature range to 150C (including self-generated heat); and by utilizing our own structural design, we have achieved a vibration resistance of 30G (under our test conditions). Furthermore, a unique data matrix barcode is printed on each unit which allows traceability throughout all processes such as production and distribution.

By Electropages Admin