Another suite of custom enclosures installed at the iconic BT Tower

21-02-2017 | Verotec | Subs & Systems

Continued expansion by BT, at the iconic BT Tower in London, has required Verotec to supply a further 11 special IMRAKS, to extend an existing installation. Each rack in the bayed suite is 47U high and 600mm wide, with a special non-standard extended depth of 1200mm. The high energy levels inside each rack require special fire protection panels to segregate it from its neighbours and thermal management requirements mean that airflow through the cabinet is also a key requirement. The top covers, fitted with twin custom cable entry assemblies, are ventilated, as are the front and rear doors. Internally, the racks are configured with cable distribution trays and equipment chassis supports, positioned to BT’s specification.

Tim Armstrong, Verotec’s commercial director, commented, “We initially assembled the complete 6.6m long, 1.2m deep and 2.2m high suite in our facility to check that everything was positioned correctly before breaking it back down into smaller units for shipping, ingress into the building and subsequent re-assembly on site. The versatility, configurability and availability of extensive range of dedicated accessories for our IMRAK 19” racking system makes it the ideal platform for this type of demanding application where specialised requirements have to be met.”

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