Collaboration on Arduino-based liquid level sensing hardware

01-02-2017 | SST | Test & Measurement

To address the vibrant and constantly expanding maker market, SST Sensing Ltd has partnered up with Sparkfun. Together they have developed and simple to implement solution for single point liquid detection using infra-red technology. This highly reliable and accurate solution comprises an Optomax Digital liquid level switch which is connected to an Arduino board via the TTL output and powered by its 5V source. LEDs on the Arduino can be easily programmed to indicate if the sensor is or isn’t immersed by the liquid (and thus determine if liquid level is too high or low). Using this hardware, hobbyists are provided with plenty of scope to experiment, while professional engineers have the opportunity to evaluate their prototype before moving on to a full scale design.

The devices have compact dimensions that allow them to be deployed within environments where there is only limited available space. As relatively long cabling can be supported, the sensor can be placed in close proximity to a liquid without any risk of the accompanying electronics on the Arduino being damaged. Furthermore, as this solution is of an optical rather than a mechanical nature, issues such as the build-up of deposits, jamming, or wear and tear are avoided. A long term operational life span is thereby assured.

The liquid level switch can be supplied in a robust housing with either a Polysulfone or Trogamid construction, depending on the particular application requirements. The complete solution has an operational temperature range that covers -25C to +80C.

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