Huber+Suhner – Microwave cable assemblies are flexible alternative to semi-rigid cables

23-02-2017 | HUBER+SUHNER | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Huber+Suhner has announced the Microbend L, a versatile, flexible alternative to 0.047in custom semi-rigid cable assemblies which eliminates the need for customers to specify pre-defined lengths and bend configurations. The new high pull strength microwave cable assembly is the latest addition to the company’s high performance Microbend product family.

The product is designed for use in low profile, internal, point-to-point interconnections between RF modules within communications systems. Typical applications include test and measurement, aerospace and defence. It is a pre-assembled and tested cable assembly available in a variety of standard lengths.

The cable is an enhanced, low loss version of the standard Microbend coaxial cable assembly with increased phase stability and power handling capacity. It is applicable up to 85GHz and features an impedance of 50ohm. According to the company, the new cable assembly provides 55% lower attenuation when compared to semi-rigid alternatives.

As the company makes both cables and connectors for most applications, customers are able to select perfectly matched cables and connectors tested to exacting standards including IEC, MIL and CECC.

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