Evaluation module provides a complete platform to evaluate clock performance

27-02-2017 | Farnell element14 | Design & Manufacture

The Texas Instruments LMK03318EVM evaluation module, available through Farnell element14, provides a complete clocking platform to evaluate the clock performance, pin-/software-configuration modes and features of their LMK03318 ultra-low-jitter clock generator with 1 PLL, 8 outputs, 2 inputs, and integrated EEPROM. The device can be used as a flexible, multi-output clock source for compliance testing, performance evaluation, and initial system prototyping. The onboard edge-launch SMA ports provide access to the LMK03318 clock inputs and outputs for interfacing to test equipment and reference boards using commercially available coaxial cables, adapters, or baluns (not included). This connectivity enables integrated system level testing between their device and third-party FPGA/ASIC/SoC reference boards. A software graphical user interface (GUI) platform can be installed on a Host PC to access the LMK03318 device registers and EEPROM via the on-board USB-to-I2C interface. The GUI platform can also be used to export / import Register and EEPROM data files to facilitate factory or in-system programming of custom device configurations.

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