Encoder control DC power supply is alternative to traditional digital display devices

06-02-2017 | Farnell element14 | Power

Stocked by Farnell element14, the 72-2925 from Tenma is a single channel encoder control DC power supply. This complete digital control / programmable power supply has a low noise and ripple. It also has keyboard lock function to prevent operator errors. The 72-2925 is an easy alternative to the traditional digital display power supplies. The device has load regulation <=0.01% +2mV (voltage), <=0.1% +5mA (current) and line regulation of <=0.01% +3mV (voltage), <=0.1% +3mA (current). The setting accuracy (25C ±5C) is <=0.5% +20mV (voltage), <=0.5% +10mA (current).

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