Modules allow RF over fibre in a single system

17-01-2017 | HUBER+SUHNER | Subs & Systems

HUBER+SUHNER has combined two of its core technologies in a series of modules that allow the use of radio frequency over fibre optics in a single system. These RFoF modules are said to offer best in class conversion technology and feature frequency ranges that will satisfy a wide range of applications.

According to the company there are many benefits to be gained by combining RF and fibre in a single solution. Apart from flexible connectivity options, these include the fact that distances covered can be greater than 100km with less loss and frequency ranges that extend from 1MHz to 20GHz with a 40GHz soon to be released. In addition, no changes are required to existing RF infrastructures and the system is secure, lightweight and, by its nature, it is future-proof.

The standard RFoF modules are available in six and 12 ports - the 12 port module comes in a 1HE 19in chassis. All standard modules are designed for single mode connectivity and feature QMA and Q-ODC12 connectors.

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