Power supply reference design is efficient active clamp topology

09-01-2017 | Farnell element14 | Power

The Maxim MAXREFDES116B#, available from Farnell element14, is an isolated 24V to 5V, 40W power supply reference design. It an efficient active clamp topology design with 24V input and 5V output at 40W of power (8A). The design features MAX17599, an active clamp, low IQ, wide input range current mode PWM controller optimized.

The device contains all the control circuitry required for design of wide input isolated forward converter industrial power supplies. The reference design features active-clamp transformer reset topology for forward converters. This reset topology has several advantages including reduced voltage stress on the switches, transformer size reduction due to larger allowable flux swing and improved efficiency due to elimination of dissipative snubber circuitry.

It is used in PLC, telecom/datacom power supplies, isolated battery chargers, servers and embedded computing. Isolated with a readily available transformer from multiple global vendors and provides quick, convenient transformer selection.

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