Dual-die linear Hall sensor IC for safety-critical applications

04-01-2017 | Allegro | Test & Measurement

The new A1346 from Allegro MicroSystems Europe is a dual-die, highly programmable linear Hall sensor IC that is an ideal solution for safety-critical applications.

The sensor incorporates full die redundancy with the added benefits of full diagnostics. The combination of these two features allow for a higher level of diagnostics without interruption to the application and also allows the controller to know which die to trust when the two outputs do not agree.

The new device incorporates dual high-precision, programmable Hall-effect linear sensor integrated circuits with open-drain outputs, for both automotive and nonautomotive applications. The signal paths in the A1346 provide flexibility through external programming that allows the generation of accurate and customised outputs from an input magnetic signal.

A key feature of the A1346 is its ability to produce a highly linear device output for nonlinear input magnetic fields. To achieve this, it features 16-segment customer programmable linearisation, where a unique linearisation coefficient factor is applied to each segment. Linearisation coefficients are stored in a lookup table in EEPROM.

This new device is primarily targeted at the automotive market with end applications including EPS torque sensing, braking (pedal travel, piston position and brake wear) and transmission actuator/clutch position sensing.

The device is available in a surface-mount, lead (Pb) free 14-pin TSSOP package (LE suffix), with 100% matt-tin leadframe plating.

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