High performance machine vision products feature new smart camera

31-01-2017 | Adlink | Subs & Systems

ADLINK Technology have released its new NEON-1021 Intel Atom E3845 processor-based smart camera, EOS-1300 4CH PoE Compact Vision System, and PCIe-GIE72/74 2/4CH GigE Vision PoE+ frame grabbers, delivering precise image acquisition with high integration, effectively reducing TCO. The camera, the first in their new value line of smart cameras, features high performance quad core Intel Atom processors, speedy Multi-ROI image capture, and FPGA-accelerated image pre-processing. Middleware support for the camera is complete and verified, accommodating 90% of popularly utilized machine vision software and providing high-speed multi-ROI capture, presenting significant competitive advantage over conventional smart camera and compact vision systems. Maximizing integration and reducing TCO, the device simplifies development, minimizes time to market, and delivers seamless migration from x86 architecture.

By Electropages Admin