Durable and efficient solid-state relay for automotive applications

15-12-2016 | Digikey | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

E-T-A’s ESR10 Micro ISO solid-state relays, available now from Digi-Key, were specifically designed for use in 12V and 24V vehicle on-board electrical systems. The solid-state technology of the device offers silent in-vehicle switching and also makes the relay resistant to vibration and dust commonly found in vehicle applications. Its high frequency electronic switching makes it compatible with PWM and it requires a fraction of the control power required by standard electro-mechanical relays.

The relays are suitable for switching resistive, inductive, and capacitive or lamp loads. While the device is not a direct replacement of standard micro ISO electro-mechanical relays commonly used in vehicles today, it can replace these devices when electro-mechanical relays are not a viable option. For example, when applications require high frequency or silent switching, there are low power drive signals from the APC or controller, or applications using PWM.

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