Highly efficient, reliable stepper motor and encoder combo released

09-12-2016 | CUI Inc | Subs & Systems

CUI announced a partnership with Lin Engineering to integrate CUI’s innovative AMT encoder technology with Lin’s latest, high performance motor series. Lin Engineering’s G3718V series is a NEMA 17 sized motor with a length of 22.86mm that can produce up to 50% more torque than motors of a similar size. Thanks to its design, the device also features improved passive cooling, increasing overall efficiency and lowering operating costs. With a step angle of 1.8 degrees, it offers smooth motion and high accuracy similar to a 0.9 degree motor. The series also provides up to 0.18 N-m of holding torque. Various shaft options are available and windings can be customized to ensure maximum torque at desired operating speeds. Integrating with Lin Engineering’s top-of-line stepper motor will be their innovative AMT encoder technology. CUI’s AMT series is a range of rugged, high accuracy modular encoders available in incremental, absolute and commutation versions. Thanks to its innovative design, the AMT series is not susceptible to contaminants such as dirt, dust and oil that typically plague encoders in industrial environments. Due to the digital nature of the encoder design, the AMT series also comes with a number of programmable features, including resolutions up to 4096 PPR, zero position, line drivers, and in the case of the absolute version, a 12-bit absolute output. Combined with an operating temperature from -40C up to +125C, high accuracy, simple assembly and low current draw, the AMT provides a compelling solution for a range of applications. “Lin Engineering is excited to partner with a well-respected company like CUI. The adoption of their AMT encoder technology with our latest stepper motor provides a uniquely rugged and efficient all-in-one solution unrivaled in the industry,” stated Mindy Cheng, research and development manager at Lin Engineering. “The high performance and reliability of Lin Engineering’s stepper motor paired with our innovative AMT encoders presented a tremendous opportunity for both companies,” said Jeff Smoot, CUI’s VP of motion control and application engineering. “This partnership is the culmination of those efforts to provide a motor and motion control solution in one package and we are thrilled to work with Lin Engineering moving forward,” Smoot concluded.

By Craig Dyball