Evaluation kits for new range of remote control testing products

23-11-2016 | RedRat | Development Boards

RedRat Ltd has an evaluation kit for its new range of RF remote control testing products. The company’s evaluation kit includes the necessary components and software needed to enable set top box and consumer electronics manufacturers to incorporate RF testing scripts into their standard processes for evaluation purposes prior to moving to a mixed or totally RF testing environment.

The module adaptors can be plugged into a PC or laptop via USB, and are supported on Windows and Linux operating systems. Using their kit, set top box manufacturers can start to explore the issues around automated STB control via RF protocols, such as pairing with multiple STBs, the impact of interference in a test facility and how rapidly commands can be sent.

Many newer TV set top boxes use both IR and RF technologies, so that STB testing can continue to use traditional IR-based control infrastructure.

“Set-top boxes are becoming ever more powerful and advanced; the hub of the connected home,” says Dr Chris Dodge, owner and technical director at RedRat. “RF remote controls offer improved interactivity and fluency when controlling STBs, but the challenge remains of ensuring consistent and reliable operation of the STB and the digital services it provides. Our newly developed RF modules can provide the missing link, providing test systems with RF control capability.”

The company’s Test Manager software, developed specifically for remote control testing purposes, will also support RF control, allowing a low cost entry point into script based automated testing. It is also working with a number of third party suppliers of STB testing software, supporting integration of RF control in their systems.

The kit is intended for QA testers and managers working in the set top box manufacturer and consumer electronics industries.

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