New absolute single-turn / multi-turn contactless Hall-effect encoder

04-10-2016 | Variohm | Subs & Systems

Now available from Variohm EuroSensor, Contelec’s recently announced Vert-X 37MT Hall-effect encoder combines a 16-bit single-turn angle resolution with 16-bit multi-turn count (65536 turns) for unconstrained position feedback. Unlike conventional single-turn + multi-turn designs, the Swiss sensor specialist has employed a novel magnetic field measurement technique where no gearing is used or battery required – with the number of turns counted and saved in non-volatile memory that is powered by stored energy from shaft rotation. In this way absolute position is not lost during power down and is immediately available on power-up. The 24VDC CANopen interfaced encoder’s impressive specifications include independent linearity of +/- 0.1% (360 degrees) with hysteresis to 0.1 degrees and maximum repeatability to 0.1 degrees. The Vert-X 37MT’s speed capability of 3000 rpm speed capability suits servo motor feedback, and with 360 million minimum movements specified, long life is assured. Aimed at heavy-duty applications such as construction machinery or agricultural equipment, the highly-durable IP68 sealed design includes duplex bearings and all stainless steel external hardware to provide maximum resilience to adverse environmental conditions. Its industry standard DS-406 CANopen device profile, contactless design, and high axial and radial load capability all contribute to straightforward installation, long working life and high-reliability position sensing. The encoder’s nominal housing dimensions are 55mm long x 36.5mm diameter. The standard version includes a size 13 servo mount with a 10 mm diameter slotted and flattened D-shaft and M12-m connector interfacing. Alternative multi-turn options are 2, 8 or 12 turns, or custom configured for the application, says the company.

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