Hybrid capacitors optimise designs in performance, long life and low ESR values

31-10-2016 | TTI Europe | Passives

Stocked by TTI Europe, these Hybrid capacitors from Panasonic Automotive and Industrial Systems Europe, combine the advantages of electrolytic capacitors with those of solid polymer capacitors. They have established themselves as reliant and across-the-board solutions in automotive and industrial applications alike. Hybrid technology offers low leakage current and long life in combination with low ESR in smaller case sizes. The company’s new EEH-ZK series hybrid aluminium electrolytic capacitors are high-temperature capacitors that have an endurance of 4000 hours at 125C. The surface-mount conductive polymer components offer a nominal capacitance range of 33µF up to 470µF, a voltage range of 25VDC up to 35VDC, an operating temperature range of -55C up to 125C, as well as low ESR and high ripple current. The products are AEC-Q200 compliant, can endure high humidity conditions and are rated at 85C/85% - 2000h. Comments Mustafa Khan, European product manager for polymer capacitors at Panasonic: “Our new hybrid capacitors are ideal for a broad spectrum of applications including input/output filtering in power converters and voltage regulators, power and battery decoupling and clock circuitry. Their high temperature rating makes them ideal for use in automotive applications, servers, base stations and industrial PCs, yet they are small enough for wireless and IoT designs.”


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