High-speed backplane connector system offers future-proof expansion

20-10-2016 | Samtec | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

The expansion of its established ExaMAX high-speed backplane connector system has been announced by Samtec. Optimized for high-density and high-speed performance, the scalable ExaMAX system meets today’s data rates while providing a future-proof path for next generation architectures, says the company. The ExaMAX header and right-angle receptacle system (EBTM/EBTF-RA Series) is optimized for speeds up to 28Gbps on a 2mm column pitch or 56Gbps on a 3mm column pitch. For 28Gbps performance, this system meets and exceeds OIF-CEI-28G-LR specifications. Return loss compliance is achieved in both 85ohm and 100ohm systems due to targeting the 92ohm specifications and controlling reflections at all geometry transitions within the connector. The highly-reliable ExaMAX system has the industry’s lowest mating force with 'excellent' normal force and meets Telcordia GR-1217 CORE specifications. With two reliable points of contact at all times, even when subjected to angled mating, residual stub is minimized for improved signal integrity performance. A 2.4mm contact wipe increases reliability while the hermaphroditic mating interface ensures stub-free mating and reliable alignment. The backplane system features individual signal wafers with differential pairs in a staggered design and arranged in columns with zero skew. Each wafer includes a one-piece embossed ground structure, which increases isolation to significantly decrease crosstalk. The 2mm-pitch, 40-differential-pair design (4 pairs x 10 columns) and the 72-differential-pair design (6 pairs x 12 columns) are now available. A 3mm-column-pitch design for 56Gbps performance is in development. Optional add-on power modules support high current delivery with current ratings as high as 80A per module. Hot-swapping support comes from various pin staging options for detecting shorts. Optional discrete guidance modules are available to assist with blind mating. Ruggedized construction enables support for maximum weight in a space saving design, says the company. "Samtec’s expansion of our ExaMAX high-speed backplane connector system provides engineers increased options as they consider current and future high-speed backplane architectures,” said Rick Skees, high-speed backplane product manager, Samtec. “These new additions to our ExaMAX portfolio will not be our last. We are currently developing new options for various orientations including coplanar, mid-plane orthogonal and direct-mate orthogonal (DMO.)”

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