High-surge transient protection array guards circuits from destructive overvoltage

11-08-2016 | Semtech | Design & Manufacture

Semtech Corporation has announced the TClamp2472S, a versatile two-line, low-capacitance transient protection array designed to safeguard xDSL interfaces from dangerous transient voltage threats. In addition to xDSL interfaces, it is also appropriate for safeguarding broad-based data links serving industrial and communications infrastructure.

The device offers 20A (8x20µs waveform) of surge immunity in an industry-standard SOT-23 package. The dual-line device delivers industry-leading transient protection while also presenting a minimal line-to-line capacitance of less than 3.5pF. Robust (20A, tp=8/20µs) surge rating for high-surge lightning protection helps xDSL equipment makers achieve compliance with the industry’s stringent EMC immunity requirements.

It represents the company’s latest addition to the highly-differentiated TransClamp platform, which offers high-surge immunity with ultra-small junction capacitance. The high-surge, low capacitance advantages are enabled by their process technology, which achieves extremely low clamping voltage with significant reductions in leakage current and capacitance.

“Higher speed implementations of xDSL continue to proliferate in emerging broadband markets. Low capacitance, efficient clamping transient voltage suppressor TVS devices are increasingly essential for protecting these data circuits,” said Rick Hansen, product marketing director for Semtech’s Protection Products Group. “The TClamp2472S offers substantial performance advantages for safeguarding links from the frequent ESD and surge strikes common to these ports.”

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