TVS device for safeguarding industrial and consumer interfaces

01-08-2016 | Semtech | Design & Manufacture

Semtech Corporation has announced the µClamp 3381P, a single-line, 3.3V surge rated transient voltage suppression (TVS) device for safeguarding industrial and consumer interfaces against transient voltage threats.

The device achieves an unmatched surge/silicon area ratio offering 25A (8x20µs) surge immunity in an ultra-small 1mm x 0.6mm package. This surge handling performance is critical for safeguarding industrial data links to reliably transport data in harsh environments, including IoT end nodes, LCD televisions and display banners, tablets, surveillance cameras and optical modules.

Built on the company’s industry-leading process technology, the device outperforms current industry solutions with nearly ideal ESD clamping characteristics. The dynamic resistance of the device is only 0.025ohms, making the I-V curve characteristics of the device close to that of an ideal diode.

“The leap in performance achieved by the µClamp3381P is truly a milestone for Semtech and represents a new platform of protection performance we can bring to the design community,” said Rick Hansen, product marketing director for Semtech’s Protection Products. “The µClamp3381P is a breakthrough device that we believe will have wide adoption with our broad customer base.”

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