New M12 connectors have crimp terminations for tough conditions

23-08-2016 | Binder | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

New versions of the Binder range of M12 A and B coded connectors are now available with crimp termination that complement the existing screw clamp, IDT and wire clamp versions. The newcomers withstand high levels of vibration and shock and are ideal for fitting to inductive sensors instrumentation and controls systems. They also offer gas-tight connection ensuring a low contact resistance even under extreme loads. Available now, they allow simple and easy termination without the need for a soldering iron. Versions are supplied with 4-6mm and 6-8mm cable outlets in 4-pole format with a variety of contacts for wire cross-sections 0.14mm2 and 1.5mm2. The female connectors feature an integrated plastic slider in the contact carrier to retain the contacts.

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