High operating temperature radial leaded multilayer ceramic capacitors

11-07-2016 | Farnell element14 | Passives

Available from Farnell element14 is a series of leaded MLCC’s from Vishay, suitable for a wide range of automotive applications, including the most extreme operating conditions.

These high operating temperature radial leaded multilayer ceramic capacitors are designed to set a new standard for performance and reliability in automotive applications, with unmatched maximum operating temperature of +175C for all available ceramic dielectrics.

The capacitors are AEC-Q200 compliant for the highest standard of quality and performance, in automotive applications including EMI filtering in various automotive functional areas such as exhaust gas and seat position sensors; cable harnesses; and turbo charger, throttle valve, and brake system control.

Straight and crimped leads are available, with spacing of 2.5mm and 5.0mm, and 100% tinned copper-clad steel lead wires measuring 0.5mm or 0.6mm. A unique wet-build process accommodates extremely harsh operating conditions.

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