Aerospace VMEbus chassis to reduce development time and cost

06-06-2016 | Verotec | Subs & Systems

Verotec has supplied 6 slot horizontal 3U 19 inch VMEbus chassis, configured to the project’s requirements, to UTC Aerospace. Based on one of their standard modular integrated system designs to reduce development time and cost, the 600mm extended depth 3U chassis provides a physically and environmentally secure system environment. The subrack is recessed by 60mm from the front of the enclosure; a 6 Slot VMEbus backplane with passive terminations and ABG connectors provides interconnect for 6U boards mounted horizontally to save space. To conform to the needs of the project, cooling is reversed from the conventional layout with fans on the left hand side of the unit taking in cooling air via a removable filter. After removing heat from the horizontal boards, the air exhausts on the right hand side. A rear-mounted custom 400W pluggable PSU, powered through and EMC screened mains inlet, provides the required +5V and ±12V system voltages. The unit is EMC screened to a commercial level, achieved through good design practice at no additional cost. A brushed rear cable entry is provided and physical security is achieved with a lockable hinged front door.


By Electropages Admin