High current step-down DC-DC converter features differential remote-voltage sensing

03-06-2016 | Texas Instruments | Semiconductors

Texas Instruments 40A, 16-VIN synchronous step-down DC-DC converter with true differential remote-voltage sensing is claimed to be the industry’s first. The SWIFT TPS548D22 buck converter features a small PowerStack package and integrated MOSFETs to drive ASICs and DSPs in space-constrained applications. When used with TI’s WEBENCH Power Designer tool, the device enables engineers to get their power-dense wired and wireless communications; enterprise and cloud computing; and data-storage systems designs to market faster.

The converter employs the D-CAP3 control-mode topology, features 0.5 percent reference-voltage accuracy over temperature, and includes true differential remote-voltage sensing to meet voltage requirements of deep submicron processors.

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