New midrange signal and spectrum analyser offers enhanced RF performance

03-06-2016 | Rohde & Schwarz | Test & Measurement

Rohde & Schwarz introduces the new R&S FSVA, an enhanced midrange signal and spectrum analyser for signal analysis and demodulation up to millimeterwave frequencies. Users benefit from the features of this instrument in all measurements up to 40GHz where low phase noise, high sensitivity and wide analysis bandwidth are required.

The new device offers a 160MHz analysis bandwidth over its entire frequency range, making it the only analyser in its class to do so at frequencies between 26.5GHz and 40GHz. With its enhanced phase noise performance, the instrument offers users very high accuracy in spectral measurements on narrowband modulated signals and in phase noise measurements.

The advanced features of the FSVA include more than the improved phase noise of typ. -117dBc at 1GHz with 10kHz offset. They also have improved the third order intercept (TOI) for frequencies lower than 7GHz, for a higher dynamic range. As a result, the FSVA offers enhanced spectrum measurements compared with the current family, e.g. spectrum emission mask and ACLR under higher power conditions. The sensitivity of the preamplifier of typ. -166dBm for frequencies lower than 7GHz has also been improved.

Like the FSV, the FSVA is available in five models, covering frequency ranges from 10Hz to 4GHz, 7GHz, 13.6GHz, 30GHz and 40GHz. The FSVA supports all R&S FSV hardware functions and firmware options. Plus, they are fully remote control compatible for use in complex test setups.

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