Signal integrity for next-generation ethernet and fibre channel applications

03-06-2016 | Mouser Electronics | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Available from Mouser, Molex zSFP+ Interconnect Solution delivers unparalleled signal integrity with superior EMI protection for next-generation ethernet and fibre channel applications. The innovative design provides excellent thermal management without adding unnecessary materials or costs.

The solution features a stacked design that delivers maximum thermal efficiency while providing excellent signal integrity and EMI protection. Both an enhanced airflow version for applications that require light pipes and a new thru-flow design which open up the midsection to take advantage of front-to-back airflow are available.

This design allows heat to be dissipated without the need for heat sink components or other complex and costly materials. It is ideal for applications requiring 25Gbps data rates for next-generation ethernet and fibre channel applications. The system provides drop in replacement for existing zSFP designs (re-routing of thru-flow design may be necessary if light pipes are in the midesction).

Typical applications include telecommunications and Datacommunication equipment, including switches, routers, hubs, central office, cellular infrastructure, and multi-platform service systems storage.

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