COM Express starter kits for Type-6 modules based on the 6th generation Intel cores

27-06-2016 | Avnet | Development Boards

Avnet has launched two new COM Express starter kits for Type 6 modules based on the 6th generation of Intel Core processors previously codenamed 'Skylake'.

The MSC C6-SK-SLH-EV-KIT001 contains the complete environment for COM Express basic modules with high-end Skylake H processors, while the MSC C6-SK-SLU-EV-KIT001 allows operation of COM Express compact modules with Skylake U processors featuring 15W computing platforms ideal for high-performance computing at moderate power consumption. Both kits enable users to plug any Skylake-based module onto a proven and tested platform, ready for evaluation, test and development.

The Skylake H CPUs of the 6th generation of Intel Core processors are ranging from Celeron dual-core, Core i3, i5 and i7 all the way up to Xeon quad-core processors clocking up to 3.7GHz made in the new 14nm silicon technology. Their computing and graphics performance is the highest available on COM Express modules today. The COM Express Compact modules with Skylake U processors, which are limited to a thermal power dissipation of 15Watts, are perfectly suitable for powerful and compact system solutions. With their special feature 'configurable TDP' they may even be limited to 7.5W for system designs with passive cooling. These CPUs may be chosen from a range of Celeron, Core i3, i5 and i7 processors offering very good computing performance at low power consumption. With the integrated Intel Gen. 9 HD graphics, these modules feature a very good graphics capability.

The two starter kits feature the new COM Express Type 6 carrier board MSC C6-MB-EV in the mini-ITX form factor, two SO-DIMM DDR4 memory modules, heat sink and suitable power supply. Along with a COM Express Type 6 module MSC C6B-SLH or MSC C6C-SLU, respectively, which are not included in the kit to leave the user the choice of processor performance and additional features, the two starter kits represent a complete solution to immediately start evaluating or developing with COM Express Type 6 modules based on the Skylake H and U processor families.

The universal mini-ITX baseboard provides the COM Express socket for Type 6 modules in the compact and basic form factors, and is loaded with I/O connectors and other functionality to allow access to the most popular interface features: PCIe x4, SATA, USB 3.0 and 2.0, GbE LAN, LPC, UART, GPIO and HD Audio. Various graphics outputs are available: DisplayPort, embedded DisplayPort (eDP) and LVDS, along with an adjustable backlight power and dimming output for LCD panels. The board comes with a PCI Express mini card socket for functional extension and an SD card slot, says the company.

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