New versions of the world's smallest SDP3x differential pressure sensor

10-05-2016 | Sensirion | Test & Measurement

Sensirion is expanding its differential pressure sensor SDP3x series with
extended measurement range and additional features such as I2C address
selection to open up an even broader scope of application possibilities in
the medical technology and consumer goods industries.

The high-performance digital SDP32 and analog SDP37 enable exceptional
accuracy in the bi-directional flow range of up to 125Pa. In addition, the
SDP32 allows the user to select from up to three I2C addresses with the ADDR
pin, rather than communicating with just one address. Address selection was
also added to the existing SDP31. Like the previously launched SDP36, the
analog SDP37 has a configurable output signal. The output curve (linear or
root square) can be selected with one pin and the latency defined with the
other pin (low latency signal or best signal-to-noise ratio). Versions of
the SDP3x differential pressure sensor with an extended pressure range are
scheduled for later in 2016.

The new SDP3x differential pressure sensor is considerably smaller than
other differential pressure sensors - it measures just 5mm x 8mm x 5mm. This
opens up countless new integration and application possibilities. The sensor
can be integrated into devices which previously lacked sufficient space for
any sensor technology.

Apart from its minimal size, the SDP3x differential pressure sensor also
stands out thanks to its high accuracy, long-term stability, and no
zero-point drift. The SDP3x is reflow solderable, is shipped in tape and
reel and is thus the best choice for industrial mass production. The new
sensor is particularly suitable for the measurement of mass flow in medical
technology, especially in medical ventilation or inhalers, in the consumer
goods industry or in various other appliances, says the company.

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