Most accurate digital humidity sensor offers 1.5% RH accuracy

05-05-2016 | Sensirion | Test & Measurement

Latest from Sensirion is the SHT35 humidity sensor - the most accurate
sensor of the versatile SHT3x series and capable of outperforming all
similar sensors currently available, says the company.

The new SHT35 humidity sensor is the high-end version of the SHT3x series
and has an outstanding accuracy of 1.5% RH (relative humidity) and a
temperature accuracy of ?T = ±0.2C. Like all SHT3x series models, the sensor
features increased intelligence and reliability. Its functionality includes
enhanced signal processing, two distinctive and user-selectable I2C
addresses and communication speeds of up to 1MHz.

The DFN package can be integrated into a broad variety of applications
thanks to its footprint of 2.5mm x 2.5mm x 0.9mm and the wide supply voltage
range of 2.4V to 5.5V. Furthermore, the SHT35 sensor includes a configurable
alert function, allowing it to be used as a humidity and temperature
watchdog. The SHT3x is based on the unique CMOSens Technology, which
integrates the sensing element and read-out electronics onto a single chip,
enabling high production volume with an exceptional price / performance
ratio, says the company.

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