New miniature stepper drive for step and direction control

17-05-2016 | Mclennan | Power

The all new STR3 from Applied Motion Products (AMP) and available from McLennan, is a new miniature microstepping drive, aimed at OEM applications requiring step and direction control of smaller 2-phase stepper motors. It measures just 55mm x 45mm x 28mm but packs up to 3A peak current and offers simple dip-switch set-up with sophisticated features found on much more expensive microstepping drives.

Users can select step/direction or CW/CCW pulse control with full, half-step and a wide choice of microstepping resolutions to 20000 steps/rev. A microstep emulation feature is also featured which allows smooth motion even when the available control pulse count is low. With electronic damping (anti-resonance) and a selectable digital input filter, application set-up can be optimised for motor smoothness and torque over a wide speed range with maximum resilience to command signal electrical noise.

With its 12 to 48VDC supply voltage and selectable peak current ratings from 0.3 to 3.0 A/phase, the STR3 provides user flexibility where OEMs and machine builders need to automate simple processes using PLCs, PACs or pulse generating motion controls. With selectable idle current reduction the drive will also provide the efficiency required for battery and energy-critical applications. Circuit protection includes short circuit, over-voltage, under-voltage and over temperature. For ease of installation, the drive features pluggable screw terminals for power and signal inputs whilst an integrated self-test move profile and status LEDs assists commissioning.

The STR3 is designed to control stepper motors from NEMA size 8 to 24.

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