Replacement for electromechanical relays

05-04-2016 | Digikey | Test & Measurement

Designed to replace and offer superior reliability over electromechanical relays, the IXYS' PLB171 800 V solid state relay is available from Digi-Key. It is specially designed to provide 7mm of separation between the two output pins, IXYS Integrated Circuits Division's PLB171 is a single-pole, normally closed (1-Form-B) solid state relay that uses optically coupled MOSFET technology to provide an enhanced input-to-output isolation of 5,000 VRMS. Its optically coupled outputs, which use the patented OptoMOS architecture, are controlled by a highly efficient infrared LED. This device provides bounce-free switching in a compact surface-mount package and is suitable for use in meters (watt-hour, water, gas), industrial controls, instrumentation, multiplexers, data acquisition, electronic switching, I/O subsystems and Medical equipment, both in patient/equipment isolation.