Discrete GaN on SiC HEMT supports multiple high-power applications

04-03-2016 | RFMW | Semiconductors

Offering over 30W of P3dB output power, the Qorvo TGF3021-SM GaN transistor
is now available from RFMW. Functioning from 30MHz to 4GHz, the TGF3021-SM
is a discrete GaN on SiC HEMT supporting multiple high power applications
such as LMR radio, commercial and defence radar, RF jammers and test

Capable of both CW and pulsed performance, typical PAE is 72.7%. The Qorvo
TGF3021-SM operates from a 32V supply and is offered in a 3mm x 4mm plastic
QFN package. Mid-band linear gain, when tuned for power, is >19dB, says the

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