Robust RS-485 transceivers integrate transformer driver and LDO to simplify design

02-03-2016 | Maxim | Semiconductors

Using Maxim's new MAX14853/MAX14855 and MAX14943/MAX14949 family of highly-integrated RS-485 transceivers, designers can more easily design high-efficiency and robust communication systems for industrial automation applications. Designers of industrial automation equipment require solutions that provide flexibility and high efficiency. The high integration of the RS-485 family of transceivers with integrated transformer drivers and low drop out (LDO) regulator simplifies power and data isolated designs. The MAX14943 isolated RS-485/PROFIBUS DP transceiver, as well as the MAX14949 transceiver, each provide up to 80% efficiency at 150mA load. Available in full or half duplex isolated RS-485 transceivers, the family supports up to 5kVrms and allows for robust communication up to 25Mbps. The transceivers are ideal for industrial automation, programmable logic controllers (PLC), HVAC, and power meter applications. “Our high ESD transceivers, coupled with Maxim’s robust digital isolation technology, provide the industry’s most robust isolated RS-485 solution on the market,” said Timothy Leung, senior business manager, Maxim Integrated. “We integrated an LDO to regulate the isolated power and provide designers with a smaller solution and lower system cost.” Susie Inouye, research director, Databeans, added: “High efficiency and robust communication are essential when designing industrial automation equipment. Maxim’s family of transceivers provides an ideal solution for designers who want to achieve this.”

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