Compact new lab oscilloscope for multi-domain applications

25-02-2016 | Rohde & Schwarz | Test & Measurement

Rohde & Schwarz has introduced the R&S RTO2000 as the most compact lab oscilloscope for multi-domain applications. When using it to check advanced embedded designs, developers are able to analyze how sophisticated functional units such as power supplies, the processor system and the sensor technology interact. The R&S RTO2000 displays the correlations between time, frequency, protocol and logic analysis measurement results 'like no other oscilloscope can', says the company.

Via the analog input channels, the user simultaneously sees the signal in the time and frequency domain, and if desired, the spectrogram. Newly added functions such as peak list, max. hold detectors and the logarithmic display make frequency analysis even more efficient.

The new zone trigger enables the graphical separation of events in the time and frequency domain. Users can define up to eight zones of any shape. A trigger signal is activated when a signal either intersects or does not intersect the zone. This makes it especially easy to detect disturbances in the spectrum during EMI debugging or to separate read/write cycles of storage media in the time domain.

It is the first oscilloscope in this class to offer a memory of up to 2 Gsample. This is useful for the history function, which provides access to previously acquired waveforms at any time. A trigger timestamp allows time correlation. Users can view all saved signals and analyze them with tools such as zoom, measurement, math and spectrum analysis functions. Signal processing in the ASIC and intelligent memory management ensure smooth handling of long pulse and protocol sequences.

The new R&S RTO2000 oscilloscope also delivers outstanding performance. The high definition (HD) mode increases the vertical resolution to up to 16 bits, making signal details visible. The HD mode activates configurable lowpass filtering of the signal after the A/D converter. Users can trigger on all, even the smallest, signal details.

With one million waveforms per second, the R&S RTO2000 sets a new standard in this class of oscilloscopes. Users are able to quickly detect sporadic signal faults. The R&S RTO2000 provides high-speed analysis even when histogram and mask functions are active.

The optimized user interface makes the R&S RTO2000 very simple to operate. Thanks to the brilliant 12.1-inch capacitive touchscreen with gesture support and color-coded controls, users can easily configure the instrument for any measurement task. Users can customize the waveform display with SmartGrid. They can quickly access important tools on a toolbar and document measurement results and instrument settings at the press of a button. The app cockpit provides direct access to all available applications such as trigger and decoding functions, conformance and signal integrity tests, I/Q analysis and even customer-specific development tools, says the company.


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