Efficient and compact new power relay suits industrial control and more

25-02-2016 | Omron | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Omron has unveiled a new compact and efficient power relay, capable of
switching 5A at 250VAC for industrial control and building automation

According to Omron, the new G6DN is not only the smallest design of its
specification on the market, but also offers the lowest coil power
consumption - just 110mW. This makes it extremely efficient, as it requires
only a minimal amount of energy to switch the relay. Its width is 5mm,
making it ideal for high density mounting, and it is 20mm long and 12.5mm

Commenting, Omron’s senior European product marketing manager, Andries de
Bruin, said: “Customers are under continuous pressure to reduce the size and
power consumption of the systems that they create, and the G6DN is exactly
the kind of space saving, energy saving solution they are looking for.”

The performance and high reliability of the G6DN has been achieved with a
cross bar twin contact architecture and silver nickel and gold plated
contacts. The relay is offered in an industry standard SIL (single in line)
terminal arrangement to save space. The most sensitive areas of the relay
are fully sealed, to protect against plastic dust particles. As a result of
these design features, the G6DN has a rated life of 80K operations at 5A /

The G6DN meets EN61010-1, EN61010-2-201 for reinforced insulation and
EN60335-1 for basic insulation. It can withstand surges of up to 6kV.

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