TVS device protects portable devices from dangerous ESD transients

29-01-2016 | Semtech | Design & Manufacture

Semtech has introduced the RClamp 1851ZA, a high-performance ultra
low-capacitance transient voltage suppression (TVS) device. The single-line
RClamp1851ZA offers a novel combination of features that protects near field
communications (NFC) interfaces in rapidly growing, electronic payment

Built on Semtech's highly differentiated process technologies which achieve
the industry's lowest clamping voltages, the RClamp1851ZA delivers optimal
transient protection for NFC resonator and radio frequency (RF) interfaces.
The RClamp1851ZA features a low, typical dynamic resistance, which minimizes
harmonic distortion, as well as best in class, low ESD peak clamping voltage
to prevent punch through failures during an ESD event. The device is housed
in an ultra-small, fully-encapsulated package, which provides flexibility in
circuit design and eases PCB layout. To extend battery life of its end-user
applications, the device features low reverse leakage current of <1nA
(typical), says the company.

"With the fast adoption of electronic payment systems on portable devices,
such as smartphones and smart watches, protecting the NFC circuits on these
devices ensures reliable operation and enhances user experience," said Rick
Hansen, product marketing director, protection products, Semtech. "The
RClamp1851ZA expands Semtech's RF protection product family and offers
electronics engineers the high reliability and high performance in ESD
protection that Semtech is known for."

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