Omron -Durable new miniature switches can handle five million operations

08-12-2015 | Omron | Connectors, Switches & EMECH

Aimed specifically at high use switching applications such as elevator switches, circuit breakers, digital pens and laser pointers, two durable compact surface-mount switches have been introduced by Omron.

The D2LS switches have a rated life of at least five million operations and can switch at 300 operations per minute. Omron has released the switch in a standard version, with an operating force of 0.6N and a high force type with an operating force of 1.2N. Both feature the same long life and fast switching, and offer a clear click during switching.

The D2LS is exceptionally compact, with overall dimensions of just 8.6mm x 4.8mm x 3mm, supporting the down-sizing of module designs. They are sealed to IP40, and can switch loads of 1mA at 6VDC. The contacts are silver, and the switch is supplied in normally open configuration. Contact resistance is 100mohm.

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