Now mbed engineers and IoT developers can quickly develop embedded systems

05-11-2015 | Maxim | Design & Manufacture

With the addition of MAX32600MBED to the ARM mbed IoT Device Platform program, mbed engineers and IoT developers can quickly develop embedded systems based on the MAX32600 microcontroller (MCU) from Maxim Integrated Products. To make it easier and faster to design Internet of Things (IoT) applications with differentiated silicon, Maxim has developed software libraries and development hardware for its MCUs to be prototyped through mbed. The MAX32600MBED includes a MAX32600 ARM Cortex-M3 based microcontroller, prototyping area with adjacent access to precision analog front end (AFE) connections, I/O access through Arduino-compatible connectors, additional I/O access through 100mm x 100mmm headers, USB interface, and other general-purpose I/O devices, says the company. Key Advantages : 1 - Fast time to market: Ease of design with access to software, tools, infrastructure, and support community 2 - Integrated security: On-board trust protection unit 3 - Low power: 175µA/MHz with full SRAM retention in 1.5µA standby mode “Maxim has been making microcontrollers for a long time for specific markets; now with our mbed supported platform, we’re opening up our technology so any developer and any application can make use of our security, analog, and low power technology,” said Kris Ardis, executive director for micros and security, Maxim Integrated. “We will continue to support the mbed ecosystem on upcoming Maxim microcontrollers, enabling any designer to build secure, power-conscious Internet of Things applications.” Zach Shelby, vice president of marketing, IoT Business, ARM, added: “Trusted products are required for enterprises looking to take advantage of IoT deployment for efficiencies. Maxim’s offering brings secure, low power, mixed-signal microcontrollers to ease the development path to IoT products, and this will be welcomed by the growing mbed community.”

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