Medical-grade monolithic ceramic capacitors for implanted devices

19-10-2015 | Murata | Passives

Murata has developed medical-grade monolithic ceramic capacitors for use in implanted medical devices such as cardiac pacemakers. The devices are suitable for use in critical circuits (GCR series) and non-critical circuits (GCH series) within implanted medical devices such as pacemakers, cochlear implants, insulin pumps and gastric electrostimulators.

Since medical devices such as cardiac pacemakers are designed to be implanted in the patient’s body, achieving greater compactness in order to reduce the burden on the patient (reducing invasiveness) is an important issue. Demand for greater compactness has continued to increase and in response, Murata has developed and released medical-grade monolithic ceramic capacitors suitable for use in implanted medical devices and featuring compact size, high capacitance and high reliability. By enabling high-density design, they will contribute to the creation of even more compact implanted medical devices, says the company.

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