Compact electrometer-grade amp improves chemical analysis accuracy

28-10-2015 | Analog Devices | Test & Measurement

Analog Devices has introduced an electrometer-grade operational amplifier that enables chemical analysis instruments to achieve the highest level of precision and data repeatability over a wider temperature range in a compact solution that reduces overall bill of materials and design footprint. The ADA4530-1 op amp achieves this with an input bias current that is at least 20 times lower than competing devices. Such low bias current makes the ADA4530-1 ideal for interfacing to sensors that are sensitive to output loading such as photo diodes and other high output impedance sensors often used in precision monitoring/analysis equipment such as spectrophotometers, chromatographs and mass spectrometers, as well as potentiostatic and amperostatic coulometry measurement devices. The new amp also can be used as a front-end amplifier for picoammeter and coulombmeter instrumentation systems, as a transimpedance amplifier for photodiodes, ion chambers, and working electrode measurements, or as a high-impedance buffer for chemical and capacitive sensors.

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