Stepper motor range expands with smaller sizes and 400 step types

01-09-2015 | Mclennan | Subs & Systems

Mclennan continues to expand its range of stepper motors from USA distribution partner Applied Motion Products (AMP) with new smaller sized high-torque stepper motors in NEMA frame sizes 8, 11 and 14 as well as a range of 400 full step per rev motors. The new miniature stepper motors will suit motion automation applications such as medical and laboratory equipment, camera controls, pumps and consumer electronics where installed space is limited but high torque and precision positioning is essential. The new 0.9 degree stepper motors, featuring 400 full-steps or 800 half-steps per rev with normal stepper drives, will provide smoother and quieter performance than the standard 1.8 degree motors in applications where micro-stepping drives are considered too elaborate, not available or where a basic half-step drive is already specified. The new compact NEMA motors are all 2-phase, 4-lead bipolar connected and range from size 8 - around 20mm square - to size 14 which is around 35mm square. Through the range the motor length is from around 26mm to 53mm with available holding torque from 1.5 to 18Ncm. The 0.9 degree motors are offered in NEMA frame sizes 14, 17 and 23. Mclennan supply a complete range of compatible low-cost stepper drives and motion controls from AMP to complement the new motors, from the 2035 full and half step drive to the STR2 advanced micro-stepping drive which includes simple dip-switch parameter set-up and many features found on much more expensive drives, says the company.

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