Four-channel 24GHz receiver downconverter and evaluation board

03-08-2015 | Mouser Electronics | Design & Manufacture

Mouser is now shipping the four-Channel, 24GHz ADF5904 receiver downconverter and the related evaluation board and controller board from Analog Devices. Available in a compact 32-lead, 5mm × 5mm LFCSP package, the ADF5904 receiver downconverter is ideal for automotive radars, industrial radars and microwave radar sensors. Each of the four identical channels on the Analog Devices ADF5904, available from Mouser Electronics, contains a single-ended RF input with an on-chip balun followed by a differential low noise amplifier (LNA) and a downconverter mixer with differential output buffers. The module provides a receiver (Rx) channel gain of 22dB, 10dB noise figure, -8dBm to +5dBm LO input range, 30dB Rx to IF isolation, and 250MHz RF signal bandwidth. A simple three-wire interface controls the on-chip registers. The EV-ADF5904SD2Z evaluation board includes the ADF5904 module, five high-frequency SMA connectors for the local oscillator input, four receiver inputs, eight SMA connectors for the baseband outputs, banana connectors for power supply, and a connector for serial interface. The kit also contains Windows-compatible software that allows designers to program the ADF5904 module. The evaluation board requires an Analog Devices EVAL-SDP-CS1Z controller board, also available from Mouser Electronics, to program the ADF5904 module. This SDP-S board provides a USB 2.0 high speed connection to the computer, allowing designers work with the EV ADF5904SD2Z software. The SDP-S board is based on a USB-to-serial engine, which has SPI, I2C, and GPIO lines available, with a 120-pin small footprint connector, says the company.

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