Enhanced reliability quadrature speed and direction sensor

28-08-2015 | Honeywell | Test & Measurement

Honeywell has introduced the MagSpeed Quadrature output speed and direction sensor that combines high-performance accuracy with industry-leading reliability. The new sensor is designed and tested to perform within potentially harsh conditions that could cause malfunctions and system downtime from moisture, extreme temperatures and electrical noise. "Machine downtime is costly for all manufacturers, and sensor failures can be especially difficult to identify and troubleshoot," said Ted Tomita, product marketing manager, Honeywell Sensing & Productivity Solutions. "The Magspeed Quadrature Sensor is a solution that can reliably perform in nearly any condition, backed by Honeywell's consultative, technical expertise in working with design engineers to create a solution that best fits their systems." Environmental Sealing - The MagSpeed Quadrature Sensor meets IP67/69k standards, among the highest ingress protection ratings for the transportation industry. This will enable the sensor to withstand water and moisture from penetrating the sensors that could cause damage to the component and system failures. Electrical Noise Immunity - The new sensor's electrical noise radiated immunity (EMC) is rated to 100 volts/meter, which meets the stringent ISO rating for the transportation industry. As a result, the MagSpeed Quadrature Sensor is more protected from outside radio noise and frequencies from cell phone towers, two-way radio devices, and other communication signals that could interfere with sensor readings and signals. Temperature Range - The MagSpeed Quadrature Sensor is capable of operating in a wider temperature range from minus 40 to 150 degrees Celsius, providing more flexibility to design engineers in the sensor's installation location. The increased temperature range will help the sensor's reliability when installed near a machine's engine, exhaust or brakes where exposure to high temperatures is common, says the company.


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