Screened servo cable can replace seven existing cables in one go

05-08-2015 | Farnell element14 | Subs & Systems

Available now from Farnell element14, the new Lapp ÖLFLEX SERVO FD 796 CP
motor cable can replace seven existing servo motor cables at once, offering
users a whole range of additional benefits.

Running automated machinery involves many positional changes and speed
variations - this is where the new premium cable is designed to outperform
its predecessors. With an acceleration capability of up to 50m/s² and
speeds of up to 5m/s and travel distances up to 100m, the cable offers a
significantly faster and more efficient operation than previous servo chain
cables. The proportional run-up and braking times have also been reduced by
up to 96%.

The low capacitance polyolefin insulation assures lower EM-effective leakage
currents while simultaneously providing extremely high dielectric and
electrical strength. It is halogen-free and flame retardant and meets the
key UL & CSA approval, including VW-1 and FT1. The cable also offers an
exceptionally long service life, is compact and lightweight, says the

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