Comprehensive series of multi-range programmable DC power supplies

04-08-2015 | Farnell element14 | Test & Measurement

B&K Precision's 9200 Series of multi-range programmable DC power supplies is
now available from Farnell element14. It includes four models in the
200-600W range that can deliver power in any combination of the rated
voltage and current up to the maximum output power of the supply. With
voltage and current ranges up to 150V and 25A, they are suitable for various
applications including electronics manufacturing, R&D, service and repair
and education.

Multi-range power supplies, sometimes referred to as auto-ranging, provide
users greater flexibility than traditional power supplies by extending the
operating range beyond a single maximum power point. They can provide any
combination of higher voltage or higher current along a maximum power curve.
This eliminates the need for multiple power supplies on the bench, thus
saving on space and costs.

The 9200 Series front panel features a high resolution, 1mV / 0.1mA display,
convenient output On/Off control, and intuitive user interface with
numerical keypad, cursor keys, and rotary control knob to quickly adjust
voltage and current settings. The power supplies also provide internal
memory storage to save and recall up to 72 different instrument settings.

Programming and remote control facilities include list mode programming,
remote sense, and standard USBTMC-compliant USB, RS-232, and GPIB interfaces
supporting SCPI commands. Remote control software is provided for front
panel emulation, execution of internal and external program sequences, and
logging measurements via a PC.

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