Economical 34.4MHz - 4.4GHz RF signal generator and RF power detector

30-07-2015 | Saelig | Test & Measurement

Saelig has announced availability of the Windfreak Technologies SynthNV - a programmable 34.4MHz to 4.4GHz software-tunable RF signal and sweep generator with a built-in RF power detector.

The unit is controlled and powered from any device running Windows, Linux or Android OS via a USB port. The included onboard RF power detector can be used as a generic RF power meter or combined with the SynthNV's sweep function to create a basic RF network analyzer. When the RF signal generator frequency is set, RF power can be measured in less than 400uS. The SynthNV design also includes non-volatile memory so it can be programmed to wake up with any frequency, power, sweep, and modulation setting.

Controlled by easy-to-use open-source Labview GUI software, the SynthNV can be powered from a USB port or from an external 6 - 9V source. The SynthNV can run all its features with or without a connected PC, and its impressive specifications include: 2.5ppm generator frequency accuracy, 150us generator lock time, 1kHz or smaller generator step size, phase noise of 93dBc/Hz@ 1kHz offset and 117dBc/Hz at 100kHz offset with a 1GHz carrier (typical). Modulation capabilities include AM with sinusoid, ramp, sawtooth or programmable arbitrary waveforms, as well as Pulse Modulation with 1us minimum pulse width and resolution. Output power is +19dBm which can be adjusted in 0.5dB amplitude steps. The broadband RF power detector measurement time is only 200us, and it measures from -60dBm to +10dBm with 0.1dB resolution.

The highly-mobile and affordable low-power RF module is an ideal solution for a wide variety of RF signal generation needs. Applications include: Wireless communications systems, RF and microwave radios, Software Defined Radio (SDR), radar, Automated Test Equipment (ATE), EMC -radiated immunity pre-compliance testing, Scalar Network Analysis (SNA), Electronic Warfare (EW)and Law Enforcement, local oscillator replacement, quantum device research, plasma physics and education, says the company.

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